5 Reasons You Should Use LED Studio Lights for Photography

Are you searching for a new studio lighting kit that won’t break the bank? If yes, you will surely become a fan of LED studio lights. They are certainly a piece of must-have equipment for professional and hobby photographers alike. 

Some of the reasons why you should consider buying these include:

1. LED Lights Are Adjustable and Come in Various Colours

Adjusting your camera settings and processing during a shoot can take a lot of time. If you want to shave off the time you spend doing this, you should consider getting LED studio lights that meet your needs. This equipment comes in daylight, tungsten balance, or bi-colour, giving you a lot of options. Shooting with the appropriate LED studio lights allows you to capture images and colours the way they look in real life, removing the need to process photos after the shoot.

Most LED lights are adjustable and can be dimmed or brightened depending on what you need. All you have to do is pick the right lighting intensity using your remote control, and then you’re good to go.

2. LED Lights Let You See Lighting While You Are Shooting

You can quickly gauge how much light you need for the shot when using an LED panel. Doing so will also allow you to make the necessary adjustments. 

Utilising the adjustable features of LED studio lights will reduce any trial and error throughout the shoot. Although it will be necessary to put the LED panel close to your subject, its low heat will not cause any discomfort or injury to the person.

3. LED Lights Don’t Emit Much Heat

As a photographer, you know all too well how unbearably hot a studio can get when using conventional lights. Fortunately, LED studio lights allow the talents and photographers to stay cool and comfortable during the shoot. 

The relative coolness of LED lighting can also allow it to be placed in corners, which would be a dangerous location for traditional bulbs. You can also attach gels to LED lights without fear of them burning.

4. LED Lights Let You Seamlessly Transition From Photo to Video

Rather than using different lighting kits for photography and videography, you can use LED studio lights for both. You will need continuous lighting when shooting videos, and it’s easy to fine-tune the placements so that you can provide lighting to your subject and the entire scene simultaneously. You can easily achieve all of these with simple equipment and less gear.

5. LED Lights Use Less Energy 

If you’re looking for lighting equipment that can last long and doesn’t use up a lot of energy, then LED studio lights are what you need. Unlike the standard tungsten with 20 per cent efficiency when using power, LED lighting converts 80 per cent of the same energy into light. The latter can produce as much light as three 300w tungsten bulbs while only using half of the power. 

LED studio lights also have a long lifespan. Professional photographers note that it can take years before they need to replace their LEDs; in fact, they give 25,000 hours’ worth of lamp life before they need to be replaced. This significantly decreases the amount of waste in the environment.


Investing in high-quality photography and lighting equipment can be beneficial for you in the long run. With high-quality LED studio lights, you can meet your needs and save enough money for other equipment.

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