Nick Williams 05/09/2014, 01:56 PM




Just received the Product table and lights in the outer Melbourne suburbs 1 day after placing the order.


That is magnificent service and the products are great.


I will definitely use you guys again (and recommend you to my friends).


Thanks heaps.



William T 27/11/2013, 03:23 PM


Hi Fotogenic,


I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic service in replacing my faulty globe and arranging delivery of the new components. It is so rare to receive such outstanding customer service. I am in business myself and know that customer service should be your # 1 priority as it sets you apart, yet so few businesses do it well. I have told a number of my friends and colleagues of my good experience and would hope that brings in some additional business for you.


I would be more than happy to write you a testimonial for you for your website if you wish at any time.


Thanks again, and will be sure to purchase from you again the next time I require some gear!





stephen-lawrence Archer Photographer 04/11/2013, 11:47 PM


I can only confirm all the other positive reviews. 

Helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff. 

Price match? - check. 

Reliable? - most definitely. 

Value for money? - without doubt.


Thanks guys; I will be back.


Stephen A

Denis Smith 30/10/2013, 01:44 PM


Hi Fotogenic people, 


Yesterday I received my Pantograph system, and a recently purchased a background track system from you . I have to say that I am super impressed by the value for money your company provides. I am constantly astonished by how overpriced many brand products are. I am sure there is some variation in overall quality of your products compared to these brands, but as far as I am concerned the quality of the items I have received so far seems considerably higher than the price paid would suggest. 


Keep up the amazing job team, and I assure you that Fotogenics will be my first port of call for supplies moving forward and I would not hesitate to recommend you to other photographers. 


The two times I have had to make contact with you, yesterday to follow up a parcel, the chap I spoke to was super polite, helpful and I think genuinely cared that I was calling with a query. That is also a breath of fresh air. 


Kind regards


Denis Smith

Frank. M 26/09/2013, 02:54 PM


Hi again,




I guess you will have worked it out that the screen setup was great and I have already referred two other video clubs to your eBay site to encourage them to consider getting their own. If you get an order in the next few days from Wollongong, Nowra or Canberra, you will know that they took the bait. The second one I bought was for my club and there was no damage at all to either setup and I am really impressed with the quality.




- Frank M

Bec 26/09/2013, 02:53 PM


Hi Fotogenic,




I would just like to say a huge thankyou to you for organising the faulty goods to be replaced and so quickly. What excellent customer service. We very much appreciate it.




Thanks again,




Bec :)

Ricky. F 26/09/2013, 02:53 PM


Hey Fotogenic,




The system is sensational mate. I look forward to purchasing more products as we expand. Really really impressed. Your a champion. Thanks heaps




Ricky F.

Alex 26/09/2013, 02:52 PM


My first impression unpacking this kit :- http://www.fotogenic.com.au/Flash_Studio_Kit_with_Wireless_Trigger/900W_Flash_Set_with_Bowens_S_Mount?product_id=233




Very well packaged items, almost every item has its own protective casing which is very good if your travelling around with the kits .


The flash unit is very robust, elegant to look at and very user friendly and best of all its Digital and simple to use, not like alot of other units you can find on ebay and other online stores. Has a built in fan which is a very big plus if your shooting long hours thus no hot smelling plastic as it seem to be made of solid metal construction . Stand mounting adaptoron flash unit are also made of metal rather the the traditional plastic, So mounting bigger soft boxes should not be an issue .




Stand are also solid build with aluminium and very stable with soft boxes at its fully extended state.


Quality material used in soft boxes , umbrella and beauty dish.


So here my rating:-




Quality 9/10


Performance 10/10


User friendly 9/10


Professional Appeal 10/10


User Recommendation ( beginner all the way to professionals)




Thing I would like to be improved is the User manual (if you don't know how to put the kit together or a first time user of studio kits Do spend some time with the supplier to learn how every thing goes together ).




To Finish it all off I am 110% sure the kit will Amaze you And for the price This is the best Generous Professional kit for a small to medium Size Studio You will ever Find in Australia .









Gil 26/09/2013, 02:52 PM


Hi Fotogenic,




I gotta give credit where it is due, in this world of cheapo products and dodgy online sales you are an exception.


Your prices seem so completly inconsistent with the equivalent providers that I was very cautious about proceeding, so I visited you in person and was so impressed I bought the big studio flash kit with all the extras and still had a lot of change in my $1,500 budget.




The product quite simply works and works exactly as expected, I have used Elinchrom gear and whilst I guess there might be a difference in build quality, internal electronics or light quality I cannot see it. The stands and light boxes are very high quality and the storage and travel bags are solid.




I am glad to see you are starting to offer a few extras that teach us how to get the most out of the gear but for now I cannot praise the gear more highly.




Already been back for more lights and will definitely buy again.







Gavin 26/09/2013, 02:51 PM


Hi JC,




That is very kind of you to take the time to write that information. I'm truly impressed by your reply. I really appreciate it and it is VERY helpful.


I look forward to receiving the muslin and will be in touch once I have developed some prowess with lighting and inevitably decide to upgrade my kit!


The service from the Fotogenic team has been refreshingly first rate! I'll be sure to recommend Fotogenic based on today's quick and beyond the call of duty responses.




Once again, many thanks,