Warehouse Clearance sales now on!


The new warehouse clearance sale is now on for 3 weeks only END OF JAN 2024. If you decide to come into the store we can make even better deals for you on the spot. Please call 0455885885 to make an appointment to visit us! - discounts on entire range - the whole store.

Some sales are listed below:

Coloured full-width paper rolls are 2.72m x 10m From $119.95 to $80 now.  Paper Rolls here: Link

Constant Lights:

Large RGB ring light (Multi colours)  From $399.95 to $250.00. Link.

Nicefoto LED panel Light (great for makeup girls even better for food photography. $299.95 now $199.95. Link

Nicefoto STICK Led light RGB - From $159.95 to $129.95

Flash Lights:

Menik 1200W touch screen Studio Strobe Flash Light from $399.95 to $200.00

Camera Tripods:

Jusino PH-70 Large Fluid Head - From $189.95 to $100.00

Jusino PH-40 Large Fluid Head - From $119.95 to $80.00

Jusino Large Heavy Duty Carbon Fibre Tripod TK-324C - From $479.95 to $349.95.

Jusino Small Packed Heavy Duty Carbon Fibre Tripod TK-2525C - From $479.95 to $349.95.

Jusino VM-361E Professional Monopod with Lever Lock From $69.95 to $49.95

Jusino TK-254 Tripod with BT-02 Professional Ball Head - From $179.95 to $159.95


Nicefoto Medium Diffuser Flag. From $99.95 to $50.00. Link

67" Deep Parabolic Umbrella - From $119.95 to $80.00

Quick Set up 120cm Octagon Soft Box - From $119.95 to $90.00

Collapsible Rectangle Soft Box 80cm x 120cm with Grids Bowens Mount - From $119.95 to $80.

Product Photography:

75cm tent cube for product photography - $79.95 to $49.95

120cm tent cube for product photography - $89.95 to $60.00

Easy Fold LED Light tent 50cm - from $219.95 to $119.95 

Easy Fold LED Light tent 70cm - from $239.95 to $139.95 

Other things:

Aputure NPF 2600mAh Battery - From $29.95 to $9.95

Handheld Extension Boom Arm - From $49.95 to $39.95

85W Studio Bulb 5500K Replacement Bright White Energy Saver - From $36.95 to $29.95