COVID Lockdowns NSW - from 26th of JUNE to 9th of OCT. EOFY sales Guide.

Covid News: NEW UPDATE 1st SEP 2021: We are still operating for deliveries and enquiries. A lot of new stock has arrived such as vinyls and LED Constant lights. Still shipping orders out as normal.

As many of you know, NSW is going through a Covid lockdown from the 26th of June until indefinitely. Fotogenic will be operating as follows: 

  1. The storefront will be closed. We will be hosting video calls if you need to look at our products before purchasing. We will open up a new mobile account shortly. - to be updated. 
  2. Our online shop is still open, this means that deliveries will still be made. Deliveries for online orders will be processed super quickly.
  3. Pick up from the store. You can make your purchase online and still come to our shop to pick up your order. Our pick up times are 11am to 5 pm on weekdays and 12 pm to 3pm on Saturdays. 

EOFY News:

We have a new EOFY sales up. All products on this sale can be found here: EOFY SALE - ALL PRODUCTS

Heavily discounted ND filters Haida: Haida 10 stop ND - Non Slim      Haida 10 Stop ND - Slim  over 40% off.
Good quality but cheap tripods Jusino: x-522s with ball head    Tn-2340 with ball head    Tk-254 with ball head     Tsr-254 with ball head
Pan Heads for tripods Jusino:  Lightweight Pan Head   Medium duty pan head
Bowens mount softboxes: 80cm x 120cm Rectangle with Grids   80cm x 120cm Rectangle
Softbox Constant Light Boom Set: 3875W Softbox Boom Package
Flash Heads photodynamic/nicefoto: 400W Studio Monoblock   600W Studio Monoblock   Battery powered 600W Monoblock
LED Fresnel Big Spot Light: Nicefoto X3-3000ws
LED Ring Light:  Small Table Top Ring Light
LED Panel Lights: Powerful LED Panel Light Menik   Menik On-camera LED Panel Light  Menik 900 LED Panel Light

Thanks for looking at the blog post. If there are any questions or enquiries please call 1300883332 for assistance. 

Kind Regards,

Fotogenic Team.


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