5 Reasons Why You Should Bring a Tripod on Your Shoots

Tripods are a fantastic accessory to have and can help you take better shots. There is a wide range of tripods available on the market in all shapes and sizes, ranging from small to full-size devices. Tripods are available in various materials ranging from aluminium to carbon fibre and at various price points.

With modern cameras' high ISO capabilities and quicker shutter speeds, you may be wondering why you even need a tripod. Tripods, depending on your style, provide valuable support and versatility. If you don't currently have one and are thinking about adding one to your photographic gear bag, here are a few reasons why a tripod is an excellent choice.

1. Maintaining Quality at Slower Shutter Speeds

The primary purpose of having a tripod is to use slower shutter speeds without destroying the quality. When you slow down your shooting speed, your lens stays open for longer, exposing your camera to additional factors that might negatively influence the final image. Slow shutter speeds are more sensitive to changes or movement, no matter how minor. 

Slower shutter speeds allow you to capture stationary things much more clearly and light trails as well. Without a camera tripod, you'll need to have super-steady hands and rely on your camera's vibration control. Both of which are ineffective in comparison to a solid tripod.

2. Tripods Share the Camera Weight

Lifting and holding a large or heavy lens (and camera body) for lengthy periods can be exhausting. Long lenses, which may be pretty heavy, are frequently used by bird and animal photographers. 

A tripod will bear the brunt of the weight for you, allowing you to shoot for extended periods without becoming fatigued. A gimbal head is an excellent option if you need more flexibility while catching birds in flight or animals on the move.

3. Excellent for Panning Photos

When shooting action photos, like cars racing around a track or motorcycles zooming around a track, you'll want your crisp subject to be set against a blurred background. To accomplish this, pan your camera, following the subject as they move across your frame. 

Although you can do this hand-held, some photographers find it simpler to get the ideal pan with the aid of a tripod or monopod. Monopods can move with the movement of your body, but a professional tripod with a pan or ball head will make the job easier.

4. Makes it Easier to Capture Sensitive Subjects in Nature

Sometimes you have to get up and personal, and even the tiniest movement may be the difference between a good and a terrible shot. The use of a tripod prevents any undesired movement.

Fortunately, sophisticated, lightweight materials have long been used in the camera equipment industry. That means it is now easier to bring a tripod to a shoot. Carbon fibre tripods are robust and lightweight, which makes them exceptional for heavier cameras and lenses. 

5. Slows Down Your Workflow

Unquestionably, many beginner photographers become overly enthusiastic during their first shoots and end up capturing everything. Occasionally this results in worthwhile outputs, and more often not. Using a professional camera tripod pushes the photographer to rethink every shot they take to save time and energy. 

Using this method usually saves you more camera space and helps you end up with more usable shots. If you're still unsure about what a tripod does for your photos, you can test the waters by trying out an affordable tripod first.


In conclusion, tripods are a fantastic complement to our camera equipment and should be utilised to your advantage during sessions in low light or with longer exposures.

They will assist you by giving more stability, slowing you down when taking photographs, and help you shake as little as possible when framing and shooting your shots.

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