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The Complete SLR Digital Photography Course DVD

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The Complete SLR Digital Photography Course DVD Photography DVD Courses

Are you just beginning to venture into the world of photography? Just got your first SLR camera? Do you want to get out of Auto-Mode? The Complete SLR Digital Photography Course has everything you need to start shooting quality professional photos in just under 2 hours time. Complete with tips and tricks on how to use your camera's settings to their fullest potential, how to take sharper, crisper images and composition, you'll be on your way to learning how to use your camera like a professional. Turn your images into extraordinary pieces of art!

"Watch as I walk you through the steps in creating professional quality images on any camera model" - Steven Riley

The course encompasses these subjects delivered over DVD: -

  • How to achieve those tack sharp photos
  • How to reduce Camera Shake, (one of the biggest problems in photography)
  • How to shoot in raw
  • How to hold your camera properly to shoot handheld in low light situations.
  • How to compose your picture properly using the rule of thirds
  • How to compose using leading lines
  • ISO and which settings are best
  • Aperture how to use it property to achieve professional results.
  • How to frame your picture properly, filling the frame and using natural frames.
  • And MUCH MORE!
  • 1 x SLR Digital Photography Course DVD

  • Get out from Auto-Mode!

  • Learn how to take better photographs with your camera

  • Learn the different settings on your camera

  • Within hours, your technique will increase and you'll be setting up like a pro!


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